David Smith

David is a systems engineer at Washington University in St. Louis, working with the University’s Office of Public Affairs to keep their key Web properties highly available. His Twitter rarely discusses WordPress.

Michele Butcher-Jones

Michele is the WordCamp St Louis 2017 Speaker Wrangler. She hails from Carbondale, Illinois where she is the Accounts Lead for She is also the Lead Organizer for the Southern Illinois WordPress Meetup.


When not knee deep into WordPress, Michele loves photography, music, and spending time with her husband John and their minion Dina.

Nile Flores

Nile Flores is a St. Louis metro east resident, a mom, and the list goes on and on. She originated as a hobby blogger over 15 years ago, and ended up turning her sights to helping people rock out their websites like a rockstar, through She’s been using WordPress since it began, and was also a b2 cafelog blogger. She encourages clients, and mentors bloggers to achieve their dreams with their websites. She is also a WordPress Infection Cleanup Specialist at

Nile frequently presents at WordCamps across the United States as her way to contribute back to WordPress. If she’s not at a WordCamp, or actually home (for once), sometimes she can be found hanging out with her favorite WordPressers, at the local St. Louis WordPress Meetup group.

Aaron Graham

Aaron is one of the luckiest WordPressers in St. Louis since his day job is doing theme and plugin development for Washington University’s WordPress sites.

Outside of work he enjoys helping wrangle the St. Louis WordPress meetup and listening to as many (mostly WordPress-related) podcasts as he can during his hour long commute.  When he eventually gets away from technology he enjoys spending time with his awesome wife while they play with their dogs (a German Shepard mix and a Yorkie), hike, fish, and camp.

In an alternate universe, he ended up becoming an auto mechanic since his 4th love (behind his wife and the dogs) is his 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle which he spends more time tinkering with than actually driving.

Joe McGill

Joe McGill is a St. Louis native and works as a Senior WordPress Engineer for Human Made. He’s an active WordPress contributor and helped lead the effort to add responsive image support to WordPress in version 4.4. Find him on the Twitter: @joemcgill.

Chris Koerner

Chris is a long time WordPress tinkerer. He’s been writing with WordPress since 2005 and is a co-organizer of the St. Louis WordPress Community Meetup group. Chris enjoys working with local small business and non-profits to build a sustainable and well-designed web presence – using WordPress of course.

During the day he’s lucky enough to work at the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization helping to support projects like Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

Mary Baum

St. Louis native Mary Baum is a veteran creative and degreed designer who speaks on WP design and development. This spring, she’s launching the Antelope Valley WordPress Meetup in the high desert of southern California.
A certified typography nut and competitive tennis player, Mary runs RacquetPress, a practice that builds Genesis child themes, full sites and more for a variety of verticals in the tennis industry.

Jennifer Swisher

Originally from the Grand Rapids, MI area, Jennifer came to St. Louis in 2008 to pursue a degree in music education. Four years later, and a college major change, Jennifer graduated with a degree in Web Design. Since then, she has worked as a PR/Web Dev/Graphic Designer/Marketer/Jen-of-All-Trades. Currently, she works for a managed care organization as a web specialist where she provides ongoing support for the websites of healthcare companies in 23 states.

When Jennifer isn’t helping plan WordCamps, Jennifer volunteers at Blank Canvas Studios, where she helps adults with developmental disabilities create art and access their community.