WCSTL Speaker Interview: Heather Acton

Heather Acton will be talking on Navigating a Career in WordPress. She’s from Chicago, Illinois.

Here’s Heather’s interview:

NILE FLORES: What was it about WordPress that got you to start using it?

HEATHER ACTON: My introduction to WordPress was in 2008 and was rather serendipitous. I had just learned HTML and CSS and wanted to integrate a blog, and a friend of mine was very involved in WordPress development. His posts on social networks about WordPress and the community were always positive and informative, so I did my own research and started my first project. I fell in love, and though I’ve “played” with other CMSs, I’ve never taken to one quite like WordPress.

NILE FLORES: What motivates you to give back to WordPress and its community?

HEATHER ACTON: Gratitude. I feel very thankful that I stumbled on WordPress in 2008. Sticking with the platform and the community has helped improve every facet of my life. I want others to be poised for a similar experience and know that support from those of us that have been around for years is key to keeping the platform and community healthy and growing.

NILE FLORES: How many WordCamps have you been to, and what was your best 1 or 2 experiences that you had when attending WordCamp?

HEATHER ACTON: Oh my…I’m guessing I’ve been to around 14-18 WordCamps…I’ve lost count. My favorite experiences have been immediately after speaking, when a few people come up and say thank you and say that I’ve helped or inspired them in some way. If I make a difference for just one person each camp, then it was worth attending.

NILE FLORES: What is your number 1 tip for WordPress users?

HEATHER ACTON: Always be learning. Just when you think you know it all, you realize how much you still have to learn.

NILE FLORES: What is your favorite feature in WordPress?

HEATHER ACTON: Ability to add custom post types and taxonomies. I’m becoming a content architecture junkie and couldn’t organize content-heavy sites without them.

NILE FLORES: What are your 3 most favorite WordPress plugins?


  1. Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  2. Gravity Forms
  3. WooCommerce

NILE FLORES: What is your favorite WordPress theme?

HEATHER ACTON: Sassified Underscores…with Bootstrap essentials integrated (grid system mostly.)

If you’d like to meet Heather and sit in on her presentation, you’ll need to buy a ticket. Hope to see you at WordCamp St. Louis!