WordCamp St. Louis Tentative Schedule and Talk Descriptions are Up!

Yep! You heard it! We’ve put up a tentative schedule HERE so you can click on the talks and learn about each of our sessions. We are also going to have a “AMA”, or “Ask Me Anything” session where everyone can ask all of our speakers any WordPress, blogging, social media, design, development, or business question.

We wanted to make sure, that by the end of the day, if you had questions, we can try to answer those. It’s really important to all the organizers here at WordCamp St. Louis, that you go home feeling like some of your issues have been answered, so aside from the AMA, we will have the Happiness Bar again.

If you didn’t know what the Happiness Bar was, well, it’s an area set aside, just so you can have one-on-one time with a volunteer expert who may be able to guide you in the direction you need, whether troubleshooting a problem you’ve been having with your site, advice, or whatever it may be.

Please make sure to take a look at our schedule, and if it’s of interest to you, buy a ticket today! Tickets are only $20 for the ENTIRE conference!