Introducing Our WordCamp St. Louis 2017 Keynote Speaker: Jarrett Gucci

Our keynote for WordCamp St. Louis 2017, is Jarrett Gucci. His talk will be about “WordPress, not just software, but LIFEWARE.” Jarrett dedicates his business,, to helping WordPress users accomplish their goals, whether it’s spreading some message, or selling some product or service. He does this by providing services to fix WordPress sites, when those site owners are either too busy to do it, or they aren’t able to fix it. He has also spoken at several WordCamps around the United States, in the past few years.

His official bio:

Jarrett Gucci comes from a retail background that started at Home Depot in Buffalo, NY, as cashier, and 18 months later was asked to be a project manager, based out of Carson California, with a goal of opening 12 stores in 14 months. This goal was accomplished. He has also been an area manager at Big Lots, and Bed Bath and Beyond. He left his very last retail career as a district manager at Linens & Things, in 2007, to pursue a hobby of website development, as hope he could make some money doing it. After 4 years of building and managing WordPress sites, he founded a company called WP Fix It, and since 2011, his company has serviced over 30,000 WordPress support tickets. Something you may not know about Jarrett, besides all this, is that when he was 15 his neighbor gave him a 1962 dodge dart, and he completely took it apart and rebuilt it.

We went ahead and asked Jarrett a few questions for us, so here is his interview:

NILE FLORES: WordPress, not just software but LIFEWARE, why did you pick this topic?

JARRETT GUCCI: Some look at WordPress and see a software or a tool that can build an online presence for their idea, service or message. Then there are others that look at WordPress and see a living and breathing POWERHOUSE PLATFORM. Let me walk you down the path of how WordPress can provide an opportunity to accomplish all your goals.

NILE FLORES: What would you like people to takeaway from your talk?

JARRETT GUCCI: I would love for attendees to get inspired and energized not only about WordPress but also the upcoming talks they will attend at this WordCamp.

NILE FLORES: What motivated you to start using WordPress?

JARRETT GUCCI: I began to use it based on a need to develop client sites faster. I stuck with it because of the community that surrounds it.

NILE FLORES: What motivated you to contribute back to WordPress?

JARRETT GUCCI: My favorite thing is helping others to learn and be successful. Giving back to the WordPress community allows me to do both of these.

NILE FLORES: Who do you look up to in the WordPress community, and why?

JARRETT GUCCI: I can not really pin point a certain person or people. I can honestly say that over the years, those I have met in the WordPress community have been very gracious and humble.

NILE FLORES: What’s the biggest 1 or 2 things that WordPress users should be doing with their websites?

JARRETT GUCCI: Same thing they should be doing with everything in life, learning and growing to be better.

If you’d like to hear Jarrett’s talk, you’ll need to buy a ticket to WordCamp St. Louis. Hope to see you March 18th!